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Andreas Gursky


This is probably one of the best exhibitions I've been to - stimulating, strong, smart.

This is an exhibition from which I came out in the snow of London and I was not cold. On the contrary, I started taking photos immediately because I saw a bunch of motifs and images that aroused interest in me, which I experienced differently than usual.

London Hayward Gallery, located on the Thames coast within the Southbank Center. The first exhibition she hosted after the renovation was a photo exhibition by Andreas Gursky. The spacious, modern, brutalism style is the right place for this artist's photographs.

The work of this artist - the photographer is of huge dimensions, which is why they have a strong impact on the viewer and require a space where they are viewed from a certain distance, and the space of this gallery is ideal for it.

I first saw the work of Gursky live and it immediately won me over.

Watching art in a gallery or museum live is certainly a different way of looking at one's work.

We are aware of the colors, dimensions, lights and other features of the artwork, and of course the emotions conveyed by the artist.

Bahrain, 2006

With Gursky it is immediately visible and captivating. The messages are clear. The effort is obvious. The idea is clear. Man, the society in which he lives, the nature he is surrounded by, and their relationships.

Cheops, 2006

His works carry a documentary character, stand out and are recognizable. They are very realistic, but at the same time abstract. He uses authentic material and plays with it. A large number of elements are repeated. It's not a classic photo. The artist himself says that his photographs are an interpretation of reality. Yes, it is an artist who knows how to communicate with his audience.

Les Mees, 2016

The DVD I bought shows the process of his work. The surprise was even greater when I realized that he had been patiently working on one of the photos for ten months.

Paris Montparnasse, 1993

It is interesting that in this same process he discovers new incidental details which he further uses and incorporates into his work.

Altesch Glacier, 1993

It is definitely authentic in the way it portrays and sees reality. These may be known or unknown motives or more or less recognizable, but he captures them and presents them to us at the moment and in the way and when and when they truly become unique and new.

Prada II, 2007

That's the key that makes people artists. It is not only a sophisticated technique or a powerful apparatus in this case (which honestly help greatly in the realization of the work), but a specific and authentic view of the world around them. The ability to see it in just our own way. That is why Gursky succeeds and that is why he is an artist who conducts and sets prices in the world art market today.

Hamm Bercgwerk Ost, 2008

Rhine, remastered 2015

Salerno I, 1990

Frankfurt, 2007

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