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Japan House


Something completely fresh and totally new in London. The Japan House has opened.

It is located on Kensington High Street, located in a row between H&M and Whole Food Market, unobtrusive on the outside but that's when the main portal passes ..... wow!

Japan House has a spacious, large interior, clean and weighted, with no contrasting surfaces, in white and beige tones. Dynamics of space are given by glass separated functional units, which are forming exhibition spaces, which do not split the space, but support its openness with its transparency.

The whole building is divided into three levels that are connected by a central spiral staircase. The Japanese specialty restaurant is located on the upper level. On the ground floor there is a large counter serving teas and cakes, behind which there is a showroom.

The lower level has been converted into a gallery where the opening exhibition was dedicated to the architect Sou Fujimoto, and there is a library.

This house is a promotion of Japan in London. It is a large creative shop offering Japanese food, spices, accessories, ceramics, gadgets, jewelry…all neatly complex and sophisticated.

There is no room for showiness.

The Japan House provides London showcase for Japanese designers, artisans and Japanese culture.

Each exhibit can be touched, examined, finesse of workmanship and the beauty of its shape felt before it is purchased.

There are no overcrowded cabinets and shelves, but each item is a small experience for itself.

Innovative and traditional materials are used to produce exhibits in an unusual and unexpected way. For example, a paper bag that, although made from this material, is very durable and long lasting.

In a previous blog about Design Museum, I mentioned that cultural projects and museums are being used as places for socialising and gathering, and there is, very soon, another example of this type. Wonderful!! Is not it?

This was an interesting walk amongst the fine public curious to see what is being done at the other end of our beautiful planet.

An open mind, a willingness to connect and a desire to learn something new make the House a fantastic project.

Japan House London on Instagram!

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